About Us

My name is Sami. I am a mom from Texas. I started making T-shirts for my family. Soon after, I realized I had found my passion. I absolutely love designing and making t-shirts. I decided to design a few shirts to sell, thinking I would sell a few here and there. Never could I have imagined the amount of people I connected with my first few t-shirts. What started as an entrepreneurial experiment and outlet for my passion quickly grew into much more than just selling a few shirts. And so, here I am now. Luckily with more than my first 3 t-shirt designs. It started with a simple idea and my mission remains the same: Create high-quality, well-designed goods that I would want to buy myself. I love feedback and custom requests. So, do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a custom shirt designed just for you. Ever since the beginning, Abadinfluence has been about my passion for design. Abadinfluence has grown in a lot of ways, but at the core, it's still the same. Every single item is still personally designed and made by me and me alone.  I have believe each of my designs sold by me needs to be made with quality shirt and top grade vinyl. I hope you find something that brings a smile to your face!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at info@abadinfluence.com.

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